Welcome to our exclusive Arthroscopy Hospital. Some very useful information.

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is also known as key hole surgery in which very tiny holes are made in skin through which a telescope(Arthroscope)  and instruments are introduced into the joint and surgeries are done.Arthroscope has powerful lens at tip and cold lightsource with endoscopy camera at other hand which in turn attached to monitor through which surgery is guided.

What are the advantages of Arthroscopy?

  • With the advancement in technology major surgeries can be done without large incision required to open the joint and disturbance of body tissue.
  • Problems inside the joint can be seen in realtime video live that may be missed other investigations. So accurate diagnoses and treatment is possible with arthroscopy.
  • Early diagnoses with ¬†treatment prevent further damage to the joint and prevent arthritis.
  • Patient can be discharged on the same day and Recovery is very fast due to small incision. So hospital stay is minimal and you can return to work early.
  • Unlike traditional open surgery swelling and pain is minimal. Chance of infection is minimal.

Arthroscopy is required in following conditions.

  • Knee Problems: Pain, Locking, Giving away, Knee disc (Meniscus) tear, Ligaments tear (ACL, PCL, and Collaterals), Damage to smooth layer of joint (Cartilage), Patellar dislodgement, and Sports injuries.
  • Shoulder Problems: Shoulder pain, Stiffness (Frozen shoulder), Frequent dislodgement of joint (Recurrent dislocation), Weakness of shoulder (Rotator cuff tear), Pain in throwing objects, SLAP tear, Sports injuries.
  • Ankle Problems: Ankle pain, twisting (Ankle sprain), Heel pain, Osteochondral defects, Instability.
  • Elbow Problems: Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Chronic swelling, Stiffness.
  • Hip Problems: Hip pain, Impingement(FAI), Loose body inside the joint, Swelling.