• Shoulder

    Shoulder joint is a very unique joint in the body. Common conditions affecting the shoulder joint are…

  • knee

    Knee problems can totally disable person with pain or instability. Common knee problems are…

  • Elbow

    Elbow is commonly affected in sports person with conditions like Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow etc.

  • Ankle

    Ankle joint can be affected by various conditions like Ankle sprain, Osteochondral defect of Talus…

  • Hip

    Hip joint is a very large ball and socket type of joint. It can be affected by various conditions like …

  • Wrist

    Wrist joint is affected by numerous pathologies like Carpal tunnel syndrome, TFCC injuries, Arthritis etc.

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Welcome toJoint Care Arthroscopy Center

Welcome to our Exclusive Centre for Arthroscopy – the only one of its kind in India dedicated to this highly specialized branch equipped with 3 chip full HD camera with accurate vision and precision giving optimal outcome.

Headed by Dr. Chirag Chudasama– a renowned arthroscopist, the team consists of highly qualified & experienced professionals who are specialized in their respective fields.

  • An exclusive clinic for arthroscopic surgeries of the Knee, Shoulder, Ankle and Elbow joints.
  • A Specialized center for Sports and related injuries with preseason training and rehabilitation.
  • An experienced & dedicated team of highly qualified professionals.

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